How to Overcome Phishing

Fishing out Phishing provides services that ensure users safety of spam emails and phone calls. The way our service works is that we sort spam emails and calls (using databases and yellowpages), auto block spam calls and warning for spam calls.

Our Solution

- Chrome extension that gets access over your google accounts so it can sort your mail

- App that can control your log history (such as missed call page)


- Only phishing/spam calls are blocked

- Lowers the amount of phishing/spam

- More efficient sorting methods for businesses and organizations

Implementation For Mail

- You can select what type of account you have (business, personal etc)

- The extension will automatically sort your mail into “boxes” known as tags. For a personal account, tags may include work, school, friends, urgent, spam and subscriptions. For a business account, tags may include, sponsorships, partnership opportunities, newsletters and customer inquiries. This eradicates the struggle of spending a long time organizing your inbox manually.

- It will issue warning on suspicious mails such as “Warning! You may not want to click this link” and also create a tag for phishing mails that will automatically be deleted weekly. Warning will help people be more aware of their actions, such as when it will say “Warning! Do not give out personal information!”

- Other features include regularly updating your browser as their are often updates regarding security patches, verifying if a site is safe to visit by double-checking things like if the URL begins with “https” and educating users by releasing cybersecurity awareness trainings that raise more awareness around the issue.

Implementation for Call

- If you have the app on your phone, every call you get will be sent to a database containing numbers and if they have been reported as scam. If we detect a scam number calling you, we will alert you before you pick up the call.

- The app will issue warning using notifications when a number is detected to have a non-local area code.

- You can mark important numbers that you know are not scam.

- Your call log will be organized to recognize numbers that are calling you back, your contacts, businesses/corporations, service promotions etc so that you know when you want to accept/decline the call or when you want to call someone back.

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